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2010-03-13 11:27:49 by Lazor300

I'm a new member. Can I have some advice?



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2010-03-13 12:43:58

Yeah, don´t take nasty comments too serious. They are usually from trolls so there´s no reason to react to them.

As for the site and stuff, if you have any questions on how things work try checking the FAQ (linked above the big games/movies link), it holds the answers to the most basic questions. If however there´s something you can´t find an answer for in the FAQ then you can always ask in your blog and/or in the forums (although you may get forum-banned for X days if you ask a superbasic question in the forums, ex "how do I get xp?". Use the search function before making a new thread.).


2010-03-13 13:11:53

Hello there.
Yeah, Dalle said the most of things you should know.
You could also pm me if you need any help.
Well, enjoy your time here.